What do top leaders and performers do differently from the rest of us?
They invest in knowing their own strengths and weaknesses so they can be more effective.

Are you investing enough time in yourself?

Because MiChem Dynamics and VGL Dimensions want to invest in YOU.

Top athletes spend 95% of their time being coached and only 5% of their time playing.

For most of us, it's the other way around – we spend only 5% of our time being coached and 95% of our time on the game.

Maybe that's what makes top athletes the best in the world!

Is your life turning out like you hoped?

Are you completely free of self-doubt? Are all your relationships serving you? Do you rise to meet every challenge you are given?

If you wonder if maybe there's more to life, it's time you met your coach.

When you work with a coach, you can gain clarity on your goals and develop the skills and mindset to make positive changes in your life.

Whatever change you want to make in your life, VGL Dimensions and MiChem Dynamics are here to support that. Choose the coach you want to work with, and book a session today. (Just click on the link next to each coach's entry)

You are free to choose another coach at any time -- or even to work with more than one coach for different areas of your life!

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(Coaches are arranged alphabetically by first name)

Physiotherapist and life coach

To book anti-stress and burnout coach, Annastasia Soldatos, Click here

If you struggle to put yourself first, you're not alone! Self-sacrifice leads to stress and burnout, and as a physiotherapist, I have a deep understanding of how to combat and heal from the pain of putting yourself last.

I have a thriving physiotherapist practice, and my LightWalker Coaching accreditation has completely transformed the way I treat my physiotherapy patients -- for the better.

If you are wanting to integrate your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body -- if you want to feel centred when you face challenges at work or at home, click on my booking link to set up a session.

Brendon Sydow

To book Brendon Sydow, perspective-shifting coach, Click here

In a world that no one prepared us for, I am here to be by your side to help you navigate through it.

I am passionate about my own growth and would love to guide you through your growth.

Clients tell me I am a transformational perspective-shifting coach. If you think a fresh perspective will be useful, please click on my link.

Christina Huntly

To book Christina Huntly, empathetic and compassionate coach, click here

I suffered with severe anxiety which subsequently led to depression.

This realisation led me on a journey of how to help myself and now others. I have deep empathy and compassion to reach out to others who are stuck and struggling with their lives and themselves and need a helping hand. 

I went on a quest to find out more about myself and how to deal with my situation. 

Along the way I underwent extensive training in several modalities, and developed coaching tools that many of my clients have found helpful. Maybe you will be one of them? Click on my booking link to find out.

Heather Scheffel

To book family relationships coach Heather Scheffel, Click here

I am qualified both as a New Insights as well as a LightWalker coach.

I'm fascinated by how people navigate relationships, in particular the relationship between parents and children, family dynamics and friendships.

Personal Life Coaching with me will focus on increasing your self-awareness through the exploration of your unique values, beliefs, strengths, relationships, and interactions with those around you.

click on my booking link to book a session that will enhance your self-awareness and allow you a deeper understanding of yourself -- which is the foundation of personal growth.

Hilda Brook

To book Hilda Brook – a coach for women on their transformative journey, Click here

I am a dedicated accredited LightWalker Coach committed to guiding women on their transformative journey of self-discovery.
In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, I am here to be your steadfast ally, helping you navigate the intricacies of your emotional landscape with grace and resilience.
If you are a woman, juggling relationships, a career and parenthood, click on my booking link to set up a session of transformative self-discovery, empowerment, and lasting fulfilment.
Lelanie Naude

To book Lelanie Naudé, a coach to help you navigate transitions, Click here

Our past conditioning holds so many of us back. As a Spiritual and Personal Empowerment LightWalker Coach I hold space for people who are challenged with self-acceptance and authentic expression, so they can step fully into their power and live self-actualised lives of impact and purpose.
I am here to support those navigating challenging life transitions, who wish to explore ways of surrendering to the natural flow of life, and those yearning to bring their unique essence to life.
Click on my booking link and step into a life and profession of meaning, joy and connection.

To book Nadine Moses, transformational Money coach, click here

When you tell your money story, it unlocks the story of your values, your beliefs and your decisions.

I am a chartered accountant and tax practitioner, and I am also a Craniosacral therapist and LightWalker coach.

I'm fascinated by people's relationship with money, and how healing that relationship can heal your relationship with yourself.

My coaching practice is dedicated to creating space so that you can live a richer life and make healthier choices.

When you click my booking link, you have the opportunity to create space in your pocket, your life and your soul.

To book Nicolette Dullisear, Joy and Freedom coach, click here

Where do you enjoy freedom and joy in your life? Are their parts of your life where you feel trapped or long to change?

I focus on developing internal resources, tools and perspectives to best navigate the various aspects of life to a place of joy and freedom.

In my journey some of the biggest challenges have been romance, finance, weight-loss, career and time.

I look forward to engaging and exploring yours with you, when you click on my booking link.

Safiyyah Boolay-Jappie

To book Safiyyah Boolay the re-inventing coach, click here

In our work together, my clients reinvent their status quo and forge personal brands that are wholehearted and enlivening.

They discover and develop ways that work for them to take bolder action towards their goals and they increase their impact and confidence in their careers, leadership and relationships.

I coach you to clarify and refine your next and to break through the patterns of perfectionism, over-thinking, impostor syndrome and burnout that hold you back.