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Many coaches have additional qualifications, such as physiotherapy, crania-sacral therapy and meta coaching. Click on the link below to find the right coach for you. Book your coach today.

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Executive and leadership coach

Erich Viedge is a leadership coach who headed a multinational non-profit with 2,500 members across nine countries in southern Africa before branching into coaching.

How do you get things done when you can't incentivise people with bonuses, or even fire them for non-performance?

Under those circumstances, your only option is to be the best leader the teams have ever worked with.

Erich brings over 25 years of experience of both leading teams and training leaders to his coaching clients. His practice centres on coaching leaders to get the best performance from themselves and their teams.

He is also a skilled relationship coach. He and his romantic and business partner Taryn see a small number of couples.

Executive and intuitive coach

Taryn Sydow

Taryn ended her banking career as head of Finance, Operations and Transformation for a merchant bank before founding LightWalker Consulting.

Taryn is a highly skilled intuitive and executive coach. She founded LightWalker Consulting on the idea that people can and should bring their life force into the workforce.

LightWalker Coaches help make that happen. With her business and romantic partner Erich, Taryn also sees a small number of couples.

Game Changing coach

Dana previously owned one of the largest multi-location volleyball clubs in Southern California and is a dedicated life-long coach.

With Covid, Dana knew it was time to change her game, to help others ready to do the same and ultimately lead and be a part of a changing world. Dana loves people and loves strategizing with individuals and teams to perform AS their best and AT their best. She helps high-performing, fully invested clients and teams who are ready to change their game and up-level the internal resources to make it happen. 

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Dana Burkholder

Transformational Money Coach

I am a Chartered Accountant, General Tax Practitioner, Craniosacral Therapist and LightWalker Coach.

I have worked in banking, accounting and auditing and in those roles, I became fascinated by people’s relationship with money.

I love investing time and energy creating space to transform your ideas, beliefs and mindsets, so that you can live a richer life and make healthier choices.

The conversation may start with external issues such as money, parenting, stress management or the roles we play, but it will often turn inward to deepen your understanding of YOU and your inner landscape. 

Let us create space in your pocket, your life and your soul.

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I am an Accredited LightWalker Coach

Throughout school I played football, 1st team cricket and I was captain of the golf team. I took these sports so seriously. They were my life.

Now just a few years later, I wonder if I even enjoyed these sports at all!

I am just now finding out what it is that I like instead of doing things to please others.

And like many of my clients, I'm doing all of this all while entering adulthood and the work place where there are a whole new set of external influences, new stressors and new people to manage. It's a hell of a task.

I mainly work with graduates and people in their first leadership roles as they they explore their internal world and what they truly want from life.

If you are ready to define success on your own terms -- at work, in your career or in your relationships, I would love to give you a safe space to do and learn what you need to do.


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Holistic Spiritual Coach

I am an Accredited LightWalker Coach

Do you have unanswered questions about your life and where you are going? Would you be open to exploring the answers an allowing me to assist you in navigating your way? If your answer is YES, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christina Huntly. I suffer with severe anxiety which subsequently led to depression. I went on a quest to find out more about myself and how to deal with my situation. Along the way I discovered so much about myself, some of it good some of it not so good.

I found I was self-harming myself. Not in the

physical way but emotionally and mentally. This realisation led me on a journey of how to help myself and now others. I have deep empathy and compassion to reach out to others who are stuck and struggling with their lives and themselves and need a helping hand. I would love to meet you and have a chat about what is troubling you and how to heal it. You don’t need to be self harming or anxious or depressed I have many tools and extensive training on how to assist you in most situations.

It is time to “LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW” I look forward to meeting you.

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Physiotherapist and accredited coach

Annastasia Soldatos

Physiotherapist and Accredited LightWalker coach

I am Annastasia, a woman and mother who has spent 30 years playing by the rules and beliefs given to me by the world.

As a phenomenal physiotherapist for 23 years, having touched thousands of beautiful humans, I have realised there is so much more to the person than the body and mind.

My story has been overcoming challenges, trauma, abuse and difficult relationships. Through my journey, I have been learning to be in healthy relationships and boundaries relating to work, clients, friends, family and self.

I have hidden in the shadows of guilt, shame, obligation, loss, grief, self-doubt, work-addiction, people-pleasing and lack of self-love.

After being exhausted of living acccording to the world's expectations of me, I finally broke free from this self-imposed prison and learnt to find my own expression and voice in the way I consciously choose to live my life. Now I colour my own picture my way, and I would love to explore with you ways in which you can do this too.

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Erena Janse van Rensburg

Accredited LightWalker Coach

What I can offer you as a coach

As a mother of an autistic son I have an understanding of the world of autism and am open to share insights from my experience to those parents who are keen to listen. I am forever curious and forever learning, humble to go on a journey of discovery with whomever invites me.

My Professional Career

My journey started after completing my studies in BSC Industrial Psychology . My early career was mostly spent in the different specialist areas of Human Resources. I then consulted to a wide range of companies with vastly different cultures in organisational design, change management, transformation, and I facilitate change during mergers and acquisitions

Armed with this experience I re-entered the corporate world am currently a leader in a global organisation holding the portfolio of Culture, Change and Transformation.

What drives me?

I am forever curious as to how one can facilitate transformation in organisations and within individuals in order for them to show up as the best versions of themselves.

“You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort. You cannot have both” – Brene Brown