Bookings have opened for the 2024 Accredited LightWalker Coaching programme.

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To find an accredited LightWalker coach, please click here32

To find an accredited LightWalker Coach, please click here

Bookings close on 29 Feb 2024 or when we have 18 bookings

(We already have 17 confirmed bookings)

12% Earlybird discount for payments before 16 March

Payment plans (2, 4, 6 or 10 instalments) available.

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Help bring the Life Force back into the workforce.

This is your invitation to join the growing network of accredited LightWalker coaches.


Bookings have started. There are only 1 slot left

Coaching is a worldwide growth industry

Coaching has grown 33% since 2015, and revenues have grown by 36% in the same period.

Coaching is well accepted in the English-speaking world. 

There are around 70,000 business coaches in the world. Of the 18,000 coaches in Europe, 80% operate in the UK and Germany.

(Source: )

There were only 1,600 coaches operating in South Africa in 2018

According to Stats SA, there are around 25,000 businesses with 50 employees or more.

In 2018, Frank Bressner estimated there were only 1,600 coaches operating in South Africa, which is 70% of Africa's total number of coaches. No matter which way you look at it, South Africa is under-served when it comes to coaches.

Coaching is increasingly accepted in SA Business. The demand for coaching is growing.

Leaders are being asked to develop coaching skills

In business, 70% of people feel that their leaders should act as coaches.

To find an accredited LightWalker coach, please click here32

To find an accredited LightWalker Coach, please click here

Who is LightWalker Coaching for?

If you are a leader, a qualified coach or identify as a healer, and you want to deepen the impact you have on your team, clients or patients, LightWalker coaching is for you.

Anybody who wants to work holistically, with clients’ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves and develop integrated coaching skills, either to build and extend their existing coaching practise, or to lead their teams in a more effective way, will be drawn to this programme.

Meet your 2024 course leaders

Taryn Sydow

ended her banking career as the head of finance for a merchant bank before going into coaching full time.

With nearly 20 years as a highly successful coach to CEOs and other senior leaders, she has decided to share her transformational coaching methodology by creating and running the LightWalker Coaching Accreditation programme.

Erich Viedge

ran a successful boutique consulting firm focusing on strategy and innovation for Cisco, Microsoft, HP and other International organisations.

He gained corporate experience as the head of the African subsidiary of an American non-profit, leading 2,500 people in 125 locations in 9 countries.

He is an accredited LightWalker coach and co-facilitates the Coaching Accreditation programme

What makes LightWalker Coaching Accreditation different from others?

The LightWalker coaching programme the only accreditation we know of that works with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of every client. It may sound unusual to mention "spiritual" as part of an executive coaching accreditation, but we believe every human being has a sense of purpose beyond themselves, and a striving for wholeness and contribution. That's what we mean by "spiritual."

There are LightWalker coaches who are Christians, Muslims, Hindus and who identify with other faith traditions -- or no faith tradition in particular. LightWalker coaches are non-directive, and place emphasis on vulnerability, non-judgement, empathy and truth-speaking. LightWalker coaches change lives.

How is the programme structured?

Six modules of 2-days each

Prospective coaches are expected to attend the launch on Saturday afternoon, 16 March 2024.

After that there are there are 6, two-day, live and in-person modules held on a Friday and Saturday in Melrose in Gauteng.

Coaches attend supervised triads, buddy coaching sessions and sessions with accredited mentors

Between each module, coaches will attend a supervised three-hour benchmarked triad for each coach to sharpen their skills.

Coaches will be assigned a buddy to coach and be coached by. This provides a vital opportunity to practice and integrate your skills.

Each coach is assigned a mentor, and will be coached by three separate Accredited LightWalker coaches during the year.

Group projects

Coaches will complete four group projects, all aimed at helping you integrate the skills they are learning.

LightWalker Coaching sets you up for success.

Part of the accreditation is to create your coaching brochure.

Even coaches who choose to use their coaching skills in their leadership roles are required to create a coaching brochure. This sharpens your ability to articulate exactly what your coaching contribute is to the world.

Accredited coaches are featured on the website

Coaches are invited to feature themselves on the LightWalker Coaching website. We assist coaches with setting up their own websites and booking systems. And we arrange a photo shoot with a professional photographer for the coaches who want it.

Continuing education

There are 7 CPD sessions of 2,5 hours a year as well as 5 Supervision sessions and 3 optional Masterclasses, available only to Accredited LightWalker Coaches

What previous graduates say about the course

"Without a doubt the best program I have ever been on. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to become an intuitive and holistic coach” — Candice

"The perfect complementary skillset for leaders in organisations. It will evolve your capacity to lead with consciousness, compassion and the ability to speak the truth.” — Wendy

"Life changing, miracle making for self and the integration of skills to do the same for others” — Nicolette

“Any person in their personal capacity, leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, parents, people that manage people… basically any person regardless of their calling, station or aspiration will benefit as this programme speaks to the mind, heart, and soul of all.” — Pearl 

“Overall the program was excellent in its design in both big and small aspects. The course offered quality content, practical and useful exercises, learning and support from the community of people on the program. The training will benefit anybody who is leading people through the uncomfortable yet natural process of change to access their inner resources to create new ways both on an individual and organizational level.” Lizelle