Bookings have opened for the 2024 Accredited LightWalker Coaching programme.

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To find an accredited LightWalker coach, please click here32

To find an accredited LightWalker Coach, please click here

Bookings close on 29 Feb 2024 or when we have 18 bookings

(We already have 17 confirmed bookings)

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Payment plans (2, 4, 6 or 10 instalments) available.

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Help bring the Life Force back into the workforce.

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Bookings have started. There are only 1 slot left

Coaching is a worldwide growth industry

Coaching has grown 33% since 2015, and revenues have grown by 36% in the same period.

Coaching is well accepted in the English-speaking world. 

There are around 70,000 business coaches in the world. Of the 18,000 coaches in Europe, 80% operate in the UK and Germany.

(Source: )

There were only 1,600 coaches operating in South Africa in 2018

According to Stats SA, there are around 25,000 businesses with 50 employees or more.

In 2018, Frank Bressner estimated there were only 1,600 coaches operating in South Africa, which is 70% of Africa's total number of coaches. No matter which way you look at it, South Africa is under-served when it comes to coaches.

Coaching is increasingly accepted in SA Business. The demand for coaching is growing.

Leaders are being asked to develop coaching skills

In business, 70% of people feel that their leaders should act as coaches.

To find an accredited LightWalker coach, please click here32

To find an accredited LightWalker Coach, please click here

Who is LightWalker Coaching for?

If you are a leader, a qualified coach or identify as a healer, and you want to deepen the impact you have on your team, clients or patients, LightWalker coaching is for you.

Anybody who wants to work holistically, with clients’ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves and develop integrated coaching skills, either to build and extend their existing coaching practise, or to lead their teams in a more effective way, will be drawn to this programme.

What will I get from LightWalker Coaching that I can't get anywhere else?


Sometimes we are "performing" life instead of living it.

That's when we and our clients are trapped into scripts that we didn't write.

When you can step back and explore the part you and your client play in the world, you can empower your client to re-write their own script and direct their own life.


As a coach you know how powerful your intuition is.

Sometimes it's tough to trust the intuition because its voice is so soft.

LightWalker coaches receive specific training in listening to their intuition and how to separate their intuition from their projections, fears or doubts.

They also receive a deck of LightWalker cards that sharpen their intuition.


You've had clients who get in their own way.

You've wondered why people are sometimes their own worst enemy.

Wu-Wei is the idea of "doing without doing." When your client's being is 100% aligned with their action, they can live in the flow of life to experience joy and connection. At LightWalker we call this "Surrender," and we have a seven-step framework to implement it consistently.


The ability to deal with difficult emotions is the key to unlocking your own and your clients' transformation.

Most coaches are never given specific training or tools to deal with emotions, because it feels too close to psychotherapy.

Coaching is not therapy. But coaching can be therapeutic. Coaching can be a healing space. And it can only be a place of healing if coaches are willing to understand the gift of powerful emotions, and are able to harness their strength for the benefit of the client.

Can a LightWalker coach bring life-force into the workforce?

Here's what we value...

Wholeness and integration

Everybody has a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience of life.

As a LightWalker coach you will gain deep insight into these four dimensions and how to support your clients in healing and aligning all four of these bodies.

Intuition and truth

Intuition is a powerful tool to connect with. We each have an inner knowing and internal guidance system that is profound and supportive.

As a LightWalker coach you will learn how to tap into the power of your intuition and how to help your clients do the same. You will discover how intuition is different to instinct, projection, mind-reading and being psychic.

Compassion and care

We have all experienced pain, loss and trauma, and this has translated into various coping mechanisms to survive. These coping mechanisms are held tightly in place by powerful emotions.

The LightWalker coaching journey is an emotional masterclass. As a LightWalker coach you will know how to work with emotions and support clients to shift their patterns permanently.

Authentic power

As a LightWalker coach you will discover how to bring the internal self (feelings, thoughts and beliefs) in alignment with the external self (behaviours, expression and actions). This alignment is the source of authenticity and integrity.

About Taryn Sydow and LightWalker Consulting

I was head of Finance and Operations for a merchant bank, working all hours and hardly seeing my family when my coach asked me the question that transformed my life: She said: "Is your life getting in the way of your work?"

I realised that my job had stopped being a source of joy and fulfilment. Instead it was exhausting and relentless.

Not long after that conversation, I left the bank and started a successful coaching business.

I still work hard, but the difference is that my work is a source of joy and fulfilment. Every day, I'm honoured to work with leaders and organisations to bring the life-force back into the workforce.

One way to achieve that goal is by accrediting more coaches in LightHearted Leadership.

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