What's it like to be on the receiving end... of YOU?

What is the impact you have when you enter or leave a room? How do people perceive you as you move through their world? What's it like to be on the receiving end of you? If you could choose the impact you make, what would you choose?

Welcome to LightWalker Coaching.

Coaching Accreditation programmes

LightWalker Coaching offers an annual accreditation programme. Coaches attend 12 days of in-person tuition. They refine their skills by coaching in front of accredited benchmarkers, and are required to demonstrate a minimum skill level before reaching accreditation.

People decide to pursue the LightWalker Coaching accreditation for many reasons. Some want to be more effective leaders. Others want to have an impact in their workplace. Others want to grow their consulting businesses.

About half our graduates decide to join our coaching panels.

Coaching panels

We administer coaching panels for companies who are open to investing in their leaders.

We select accredited coaches in consultation with the client. We agree a rate per session and a coaching budget.

You receive a dedicated web page featuring the coaches who are working with your teams.

We handle all the billing and payments of coaches using a dedicated billing and scheduling system.

You receive a monthly report of who attended sessions with which coach so that you can track the effectiveness of the coaching programme.

Applications for the 2025 coaching programme open in November 2024 for the March 2025 intake